Catapult Music Group

What we do

Catapult prides itself on handpicking, developing and showcasing first-rate music for a global market. In doing so, our business encompasses publishing, management, representation and artist development.

The Catapult vision is to be a leading vehicle in
– the discovery and development of artists, writers and producers
– providing an honest and supportive environment for our talent
– maintaining a fresh and adaptable approach in a constantly changing market

Who we are

Catapult brings together the expertise of music industry veterans, Magnus Söderqvist and Magnus Österwall.

Magnus Söderqvist – He has been working as an A&R and creative force for many independent labels like Dino, Quality, Empire, Active/Mega Rock (Music For Nations), Westcoast and MTM Music. He also started up Ginza Music’s label Atenzia. He consultad for Murlyn Music (Anders Bagge, Bloodshy & Avant, Arnthor, etc) and was developer of new music projects at MTG. To mention a few of the songwriters he has been working with: Jonathan Cain (Journey), Mark Spiro, Steve Kipner, Clif Magness, Glenn Hughes, Jean Beauvoir, Talisman, Phenomena, Masquerade (Tomas G-son), Rick Springfield, Bob Marlette, Glen Burtnik, Jonathan Daniel (Crush Management), Amaranthe, Soilwork, etc
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Magnus Österwall – He has been working in the publishing business for over 25 years and has been working for the following companies in Sweden: BMG Music Publishing Scandinavia, Diesel 2 Publishing & Management, Kojam/Kobalt Music. In 2004 he moved to Copenhagen to start independent publishing company Good Songs Publishing under the Danish Entertainment Company MBO, that later was acquired by Universal Music. During his carrier he managed to sign a young writer called RedOne to his first publishing deal and the rest is history. Other significant multi platinum writers/artists he has been working with and/or signing: Jörgen Elofsson (Britney Spears, Westlife, Kelly Clarkson), Savan Kotecha (Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Katy Perry), Johan Åberg (Christina Aguilera), Anders Hansson (Cher), Leif Larson (Faith Hill), Louise Hoffsten, Jay Jay Johanson, Kleerup, Titiyo, Alphabeat, Aura Dione, Mads Langer, Go Go Berlin, Sanne Salomonsen, etc.
With careers spanning over 40 years, Catapult boasts a full network of A&R contacts within all major mainstream labels, as well as connections with the most influential managements worldwide.
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Catapult Songs – In cooperation with GL Music Entertainment

GL Music Entertainment is a Label, Management, Publishing & TV Production company representing leading Scandinavian songwriters, artists, musicians and producers as well as some of the worlds leading independent music publishers. Catapult Songs are through a joint venture with GL Music now represented worldwide.

Catapult Management

Catapult Management is an independent management representing artists and producers from the Nordic territory.
Developing goals and strategies for producers and up-and-coming artists. With our vast international network in the music business we bring new talents to the next level.

Why Catapult?

We believe that the future of ground-breaking music depends not only on the ability to find, but also the ability to harness and support music creators. A clear strength in Catapult is our ability to source raw, new talent and work closely with our artists and songwriters in their ongoing development and progress.